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When your world shinks, go big1 minute read

Tough business conditions abound in a post-COVID world – but now is exactly the right time to step forward. 

No doubt 2020 was a tough year for many businesses. There’s a saying about what happens ‘when the going gets tough’, but I haven’t seen as much of the ‘get going’, the forging ahead that indicates that Australian businesses have what it takes in rough conditions.

The businesses that have done well have been responsive to change had a mindset that valued adaptability and versatility and were therefore ready when conditions altered. The businesses that struggled took a long time to come to terms with the shift. Instead of looking inwards at what they could do, they looked outwards hoping for signs that things would return to normal. They waited for retail districts to re-open and hoped for government help without asking how they could be better prepared going forward.

Here’s what I’ve said to Mumbrella on the issue – When your world shinks, go big