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Now I wouldn’t assume that it’s not too hard for someone to make a bloody WiFi alarm clock radio? For years, I’ve been thinking that an alarm clock radio would be a logical product to put to market; something which I can have sitting in the bathroom, would be able to sniff the air for a wireless signal and tune into any one of the thousands and thousands of radio stations out there broadcasting over the net.

But seemingly, there’s bugger all electronics companies out there with the brains, guts or nous to make one – Acoustic Energy is the only one I can find. When stores like Myer, or some face in Fed Square are broadcasting internet radio over their PA systems, it shows it has well and truly reached the mainstream.

SO WHY NO PRODUCTS? How would I go about making one – or for that matter a whole heap of other internet connect products?

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  1. Jay says:

    There’s quite a lot of products hitting the market, but there seems to be a lot more in Europe than in the USA. So far not many of the mainstream manufacturers are bothering. Bush is just about the only vaguely recognisable name.

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