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Wired’s lesson: “Let everything happen and measure it”1 minute read

The Editor of Wired, Chris Anderson, has come out with this very interesting perspective, echoing what I was saying earlier in the week:

He described how the old magazine model is one based on scarcity, where its the editor’s job to day “no” and contrasted this to the new web model, where it’s all about saying “yes”.

He suggested that it’s now the web, or rather, the audience that works out if its any good or not.

Talking about business planning, he described how in the old world, you used to write business models explaining how you were going to get ROI, now you just do it and see if it works.

According to Chris, everything is bottom-up, including management.

He now does everything his interns tell him to do, they recently suggested doing a press conference in Second Life, which he did.

“Let everything happen and measure it”, were his parting words.

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