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Tony Abbott Gives Up the Coke

Tony Abbott, known by some as the “Mad Monk” of Federal Parliament, has advocated the removal of soft drinks from household fridges, and a “McDonalds-style” campaign by the company (and possibly through Government funding) to promote healthy lifestyles.

What has gotten into that man’s head?

People should be free to drink whatever

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Thumbs up for Benetton

Why should one of the world’s largest designer clothing companies bow down to some ill-considered and ignorant demand by some uneducated, reactionary extremist extremist organisation?

That is the question Benetton is asking as PETA has demanded it not use Aussie wool in its clothes.

Benetton is saying quite rightly that Australian woolgrowers

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A Right To Life, a Right To Freedom

The Federal Health Minister, Tony Abbott, has recently weighed into the abortion issue, claiming that the rate and ease of abortions in Australia (including the full Medicare funding of abortions) be re-examined.

Further, some members of Parliament (such as Peter Garrett, who Votes FOR trees and AGAINST women’s rights to freedom)

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