Sex change for a 12 year old “adult”

In the light of the Bill Henson saga, where the major argument against his work is that his 12 or 13 year old models and their parents don’t have the wherewithal to approve of their own images in an artistic context, we hear of the Federal Court’s approval of a sex change for a 12 year old.

The court felt it was in the 12 year old’s best interests, and that she was able to make the decision with the family responsibly.

In one of the most blatant shows of the incompetence and hypocrisy that are the hallmarks of ALL ALP governments, Family Minister Jenny Macklin said “I think we have to understand that these issues are extremely complex, so I don’t want to go into the details of it”.

Had the Rudd Government’s response to Bill Henson’s art been thus, then I think it would have been far healthier for all concerned. However for the Rudd Government to condemn Bill Henson and to condone what is, quite frankly, a totally ludicrous and dangerous act as a sex change for a 12 year old, shows how twisted their thinking is.

Art under attack by Rudd the philistine

Superstar Australian artist Bill Henson has been the victim of a vicious and ignorant political / media witch-hunt that has led to the cancellation of his latest show in Sydney, and a rebuke from Kevin Rudd, who called his art “revolting”. This is the same Bill Henson who has been lauded the world over, representing Australia at the “Olympics of art”, the Venice Biennale.

Rudd, typical of most ALP figures (the myth that they are in support of art, but in fact are philistines and slobs), has no clue. Nudity and innocence depicted in art are totally removed from porn. To see an innocent, naked child in art and immediately think “sexual object” says a lot more about Rudd being a weirdo than it does about Bill Henson.

Since when does nudity automatically imply sex? What sort of a strange culture are we living in? What sort of strange value set is Rudd promoting?

Let’s compare some of Henson’s shots with those of other artists, times and eras:

Nirvana - Nevermind
No wonder Kurt killed himself – it was because of the hopeless attitudes of philistines like Kevin Rudd, who would have banned this album from the shelves were it around now.

The Bathers
Rudd would see no artistic merit in this, calling it “pure filth”, no question.

Bill Henson Untitled
Rudd would say: “Revolting”

Maybe Rudd has child sex on his mind right now because this week his former state ALP colleague, Milton Orkopoulos, was done for over 30 child sex and drug charges?

Or maybe he keeps thinking about former ALP Aboriginal Affairs Minister Bob Collins, and is worried about the ALP being seen as the party of child sex offenders?