Blogging with Bill

Microsoft founder Bill Gates sat with the elite of tech-bloggers last week.

There are some great reports from the event, but mostly this quote from Techcrunch which I loved:

Seeing the look on Gates’ face when he walked into the room and every single one of us had a Mac open on the desk in front of us – Niall Kennedy had also set up a makeshift wifi network using an Airport

Here are some other links to the event:

Dubai or Not Dubai

The Economist has published an interesting report on the growing pains, opportunities and stories of an emerging global city – Dubai. It raises an interesting point about freedoms in the City-State.

Even Skype, the free internet-phone service, is banned in order to protect the local telecoms provider. It remains to be seen whether such restrictions will continue as the UAE inches toward democracy

Such restrictions are a key barometer of the future successes of such a city. If the Government believes that press and communications freedoms should be restricted for the “greater good”, then they are promoting a genuine false economy. They should take a leaf out of Hong Kong’s book, where particularly under Sir John Cowperthwaite they might not have had a legislative freedom but they had truly the greatest economic and social freedoms in the world – and how they prospered.


I’ve come across this brilliant little web application, Worldmapper: The world as you’ve never seen it before.

Energy Fuel Exports
This map shows world energy fuel exports

It allows you to change the shape of the world’s countries based on their advancements, consumption, affliction or outputs relative to other countries.

I don’t like the misleading  quotes under each map, but other than that, very, very interesting.